Friday, August 31, 2012



Have fun shopping! :)


Morning After Morning

I slowly realize that living back here in my hometown is ohhhhhsome! I can run or walk in the morning free from pollution (unlike in the main city) and I have an easy breezy access to the hills overlooking the sea...with the sunrise and the little boats with fishermen. I just love the seaside and I wish there were waves where my parents and I live. But overall, I love it here. ;)

When I arrived in my yoga spot, I couldn't help but take this photo of the sunrise view.

Lovely flowers here and there around me. How awesome my morning could be?!? :) 

Had my cam on timer mode, me after my session, back view. ;) Great view!

My hike+yoga charms = Roxy Flip Flops, Thrifted Hippie Bag, Hippie-ish Skirt, Old-school 80s Straw Mat ;)

The Awesome ME xx 

 My tiny, weird feet.
 Downhill :)

 Yellow fruits for breakfast? ;) 

Veggies and mango breaky :D

Morning walk and yoga are the best. Would be more sweet if you could find a perfect spot that all you could hear are the birds singing, bees buzzing and sunrise touching your skin. And oh, just be careful of snakes! Hehe. ;)

How was your morning today? 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Surf Festivals x Let's go! SIARGAO x GUIUAN x PAGUDPUD x LANUZA

In the next few months, a list of surfing festivals is about to happen. Wherever you are in the Philippines, you can either go up north in Luzon, drop by in the middle of the Visayas or stay low down in Mindanao. If you're not a Filipino, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao are the 3 group of islands that comprise our archipelago.  For surfers who itch to travel around and experience the different surfing vibe in the Philos, (as far as I know), there are around 4 events to look forward to.

Siargao Island is very famous for one of the word-class surfing spots in the world - Cloud9. It is located in the Southeastern part of the country and also bears the title as the surfing capital of the Philippines. About the event, I have heard that it's pretty changing with the dates. However, if you come up an idea to bunk down on the first few nights in the island, you wouldn't surely miss the awesome waves of the year. It's also in this month that the town where Cloud9 (famous Philippine surfing spot) belongs, celebrates its fiesta together with the surfing competition for like half a month. Surely, it will be fun! See ya!

OCTOBER 9-14, 2012
Guiuan, is a municipality located in Eastern Samar, Philippines. Undoubtedly, facing the Pacific Ocean on the east, there are waves to choose from. This time of year, it will hold a national competition where waves are (maybe) constant for the 10th month of the year. 

For more information about the event, you can visit their page - Guiuan Surf Club

Ilocos Norte is a province situated in the northwest corner of the country. Its capital is Laoag City (you an book a flight, there's an airport up here) and has lots of famous spots to visit. When we talk about surfing, definitely the ones who can easily travel up and around have been here. I am enthused to think if we could attend the big event because as you see on the line-up, well-known bands are set to perform and with a major of sponsors. :D Crossing fingers x to save up! haha!

NOVEMBER 12-17, 2012
Lanuza is way way down south of Surigao. If you want to travel by plane from Luzon and Visayas, you can easily get one and head down to the sweet spot with a bus or a van - from the airport in Surigao City. I am not the master to give a critic on waves but I must say that it's a pretty mellow place to visit - for surfing and relaxing. Sponsored by big companies in the PI, you will surely enjoy your week stay. ;)


I do not own these photos. I cited the sources below, please let me know if it's yours or something. ;) Thanks though. \m/

Surf Movies: Blue Crush 2 (2011)

Life lately seemed to be not so dull with things to occupy my head - away from the island and waves. I have been doing some yoga as a beginner, running and hiking in my lil hometown up north of Cebu and my "amazing" work. The only thing that would drive me closer to surfing is watching flicks that would connect me back to the passion that I'm dying to learn.

 Blue Crush 2 is the sequel of (I think you knew already), its part 1, like obviously. Though it's such a different twist from the story of the previous one, it still delivers the message about a girl who just totally want to explore and surf! I've been getting not-so-good reviews about this but I just want to see some waves, surf and girls who rip - this way, it encourages me to try harder to learn more.

From Rotten Tomatoes, they say, "A champion surfer who never met a wave she couldn't conquer, California teen Dana (Sasha Jackson) leaves Beverly Hills behind for the adventure of a lifetime, and makes some remarkable new friends along the way. Dana's late mother grew up in South Africa, and kept a detailed diary about her childhood experiences. Inspired by her mother's words, the privileged teen rejects her father's requests to enroll in college, instead booking a flight to South Africa to walk the beaches she has read about since childhood. Her mother's dream was to surf the waves of Jeffreys Bay, and with a little help from some fun-loving friends, Dana prepares to fill in the missing chapter of the book that guides her voyage. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi"

Time to earn now. Haha! Clock's tickin for my comeback to the la isla! :) xx

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Inspiration: KIME BUZZELLI (90210 Costume Designer)

In our lives, we are driven by passion and source of inspirations around us. And since I have been a fan of the tv series 90210, I've been curious on who's the wardrobe designer for the hit program. My taste for style would come up from my very dear style icons like MK & A, Gillian Zinser, Janis Joplin, to name a few. I don't want to say "too much obsession" is here but I definitely praise on how each of 90210's characters define their own existence with the outfits they wear.

KIME BUZZELLI is the name. She's the humble genius behind all the dramas that covers Ivy's Boho-look to Naomi's high-end mood. I totally love everything in the set because of Kime. My knowledge about her would have to start a few days ago, I must say. But for an artist by heart, a stylist carved on her palms and a painter that speaks her soul, everyone would love her, including John Lennon. She truly inspires me from brains to heels! :)

Buzzelli was born in Ohio. She spreads her love in California, up in the place where sun, desert and bliss collide. Her childhood interests must define what she does right now. As she stated in her blog, "When I was little I liked to write plays and puppet shows, creating all the different characters. I would daydream about the beautiful dresses I wanted to clothe my fantasy characters in. I then learned I could paint the clothes I would never actually touch. The things I daydream are still the same... floating feminine fantasies, x-ray vision, magazine pages freeze-framed, tea parties, voyeurism, stolen words from overheard conversations, tear-drop Lolitas,ghosts, decomposing wallpaper flowers, merging fiction and reality, the eyes of vacant models, and the murmur of tiny stuffed animal clusters." It is what she is. 

at 90210 costume department

I can't wait for the next season this September! :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

surfdust x rottennuke


a day in stars with twinkle sparks
palm trees in north and wave that barks
on the road, thick shallow muds
rains, footprints, lay of best buds

island whistles on the ear
as she lay down on bed in tear
happy joys that flow from eyes
on life amazing, sea breeze ties

never-ending green and brown cults
praising water give no faults
so inviting one not miss
island free, eternal bliss

walking home no paths like those
light and moon, sands and toes
love no fear, sun comes high
break sounds, rip and fly

come to thee with smile, he waits
tropical shimmers, she tastes
pink sunsets love grow
surf fringes, stay not go

Thursday, August 9, 2012

60 Seconds of Art: Surfer Girl

It has been more than 24 hours that I am up. I suck in finishing stuff unless I get motivated and super inspired. I have made a sketch 2 weeks ago and left it in black and white. And earlier after work, I thought about getting it done because I do miss being in an island with waves and paddling out there, trying to learn more and more in catching the best wave of the day - as a beginner - and the thought of it really inspired me. My heart always believe that art can't be detached away from me. I was so ecstatic to use my crayons and delightfully chose each of the colors to use.   Soon, I will be back in surfing, with the bf and everything will be a real dream again. <3 :=":">

Hands on colors, will keep coming! ;) 


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

SurfGirl's New Issue :)

I have been a fan of SurfGirl Magazine since the bf gave me one of their cool issues a couple of months ago. After I got back from the island life - surfing, sunsets and friends, mails/small packages were waiting for me to open. I have been oogling on each pages of my two new SurfGirl mags and now, I can't wait to check the latest one that's coming out soon.

This is the best magazine ever! It has everything every surf girl (by heart, mind and soul) needs to know. :) 

(Now, I have to focus on my work to pay my trip back to the island!)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Island Hungover (Siargao Island)

Most of the time, people tend to feel the post-vacation syndrome in quite  a short time. As for me, it takes maybe years to get over the easy breezy life in the island. I've been out from blogging about any personal stuff because I just flew in from my third home. Bikinis, beaches, waves and DRINKS+party in the jungle bar.

Maybe time for me to show off our snapshots. Not really picked well but I love 'em all. And we got more. ;) Hope you can visit the wonderful island of Siargao soon! :)

I can't stand looking at the photos now. It makes me miss the place so bad. Haha! Chosss oi!